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The Life and works of Imam Jabir bin Zayd - His Students

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His Students

The knowledge of Jabir was transmitted to later generations through two channels; the main one based upon what was recorded by his Ibadhi students such as Dhuman b. al-Sa'ib, Abu 'Ubaidah Muslim b. Abi Karimah, Abu Nuh Salih al- Dahhan, Hayyan al-'A'raj, and others. The second is based upon what was recorded by his non-Ibadhi students, among whom were 'Amr b. Harim, Qatadah b. Di'amah al-Sadusi (the teacher of al-Bukhari), and Aiyub al Sikhtiyani. Other individuals who took knowledge from Jabir were Abdullah b. Abadh, and Amr b. Dinar. 

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