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HAJJ 1438-2017

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Hajj 2017 img 1🛫🕋 HAJJ 1438=2017 🕋🛬
🇬🇧 £4250 🇬🇧
👋🏼 Assalaamu alaykum 👋🏼
As many of you know, since last year, we have been organising Hajj trips. 
Once again this year, we are releasing our affordable package and planning to take over 60 people with us, Inshaa'a-LLaah. 22 people from London and around the UK have joined us last year. Due to high demand, we have begun making our arrangements and reservations from now. We anticipate to be sold out by the end of June 2017, Inshaa'a-LLaah. 
April this year, 44 people will be travelling for Umrah with us Inshaa'a-LLaah.
Regardless of your final choice, it is imperative that you investigate the group you plan to go with thoroughly and make your arrangements now, so that you can get the package and travel dates you need. 
Package Price is £4250.

Umrah trip March 2016

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Assalaamu alaykum
Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK is organising Umrah trip for youths aged between13 and 19 in the month of March 2016 during the School holidays for about ten days.
Scheduled to take upto 15 children.
Each child costs £ 810.

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