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The month of Rajab 1441 will start from Tuesday 25th February 2020


"Pray as you see me pray"

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Salaah (Prayer) is the second pillar of Islam and is the most important one of all. It is the pillar of religion, hence whoever neglects it verily destroys religion and is not a believer. Performing Salaah five times a day is mandatory for every able and mature Muslim. It energizes your life and nourishes your soul and this help you to fight all Satanic temptations to do evil.

"Surely prayer restrains from indecent and evil acts And the remembrance of Allah is surely greater, and Allah knows what you do."[29:45] 

The Life and works of Imam Jabir bin Zayd

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 The Life and works of Imam Jabir bin Zayd


His Background

Abu al-Sha'tha' Jabir b. Zaid al-'Azdi al-Jawfi al-Basri of Banu 'Amr b. al-Yahmad, a branch of al-'Azd tribe. He comes from Farq, a village between Manah and Nazwa in Oman where he was probably born and where he moved with his family to settle in Darb al Jawf in Basrah, a place which took its name from the area in which the tribe of Jabir was living in Oman.

Ibadhism: an Islamic Sect!

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    Ibadhism (also called Al Ibadiyah) is one of the earliest Islamic sects, the foundation of which goes back to the first half of the first century H.
   The Imam (leader) of the Ibadhis, Abu Shathaa Jabir bin Zaid AI Uzdy, was born in the year 22 A.H., and died in the year 96 A.H. as many agree. In this regard, Ibadhism is the first of the moderate sects to emerge.

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