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The Life and works of Imam Jabir bin Zayd - Teachers

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His Teachers

Jabir was fortunate enough to be a contemporary of a large number of the veteran Companions. He met seventy of the Companions who were present at the greater battle of Badr and learned from them all the history (akhbar) and Traditions they knew. Jabir once said: 'I met 70 of those that fought at Badr and I took on all their knowledge, except for the Bahr ('vast sea' in terms of knowledge)', referring to Abd Allah b. Abbas, may God be satisfied with both of them. his principal teacher was 'Abdullah b. 'Abbas, the most learned man among the younger Companions and known as Habr al-'Ummah (the learned man of the Muslim community and as al-Bahr (the sea) because of his vast knowledge both of the Qur'an, its interpretation, and of the Sunnah. Jabir was a close friend of Ibn 'Abbas and his favourite pupil.

He also met A'ishah, mother of the believers, and asked her about the private life of the Prophet, and discussed with her the political problems of the Muslim community in which she played a major part.

He also received knowledge from Abdullah b. 'Umar, Abdullah b. Mas'ud, Anas b. Malik, and Jabir b. Abdullah, may God be satisfied with them.

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