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The Greatness of Islam - Relationships with neighbours:

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Relationships with neighbours:

Since Islam demands us of having good relationships with people, it asks us to construct solid links with those who live next to or adjacent to us. Those people are of a great importance, as well as our parents. In chapter four of the Holy Quran, the Merciful Allah said (in which means):" And serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto him. (Show) kindness unto parents, and unto near kindred, and orphans, and the needy, and unto the neighbour who is of kin (unto you) and the neighbour who is not of kin…" It is obvious from this verse that Allah has given the same emphasis to the importance of both the parents and the neighbours. (Al ahdal, 2004)

This holy verse highlights the fact that neighbours have rights in Islam. The following are some of these rights:
1. Helping neighbours in doing a job if they need so.
2. Sharing the feelings of sadness if a trauma encounters them.
3. Sharing the feelings of happiness if they have nice occasions.
4. Giving them what they need if you have it.
5. Sharing food with them, especially if they smell it.
6. Taking neighbours’ permission when wanting to sell or rent your house. This is because selling or renting your house might bring them a new neighbor who doesn’t respect them or they might have the interest to purchase or rent it.
7. Avoiding what might annoy neighbours such as making noises or producing odour.

You need to kindly deal with your neighbours because they live near you and thus they considered to be the first one who will offer you assistance. In this life, it is inevitable to live without coming across obstacles in which you will need your neighbours to be in your side.

NOW, give your mind some time to think about a society whose members deal with each other in this way. Will that society be damaged internally or externally in an easy way?

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The above information was taken from a leaflet titled:
"The Greatness of Islam", by Deanship of Students Affairs, Department of Religious Counseling & Guidance, Islamic Cultural Society, Sultan Qaboos University.

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