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The Greatness of Islam - Relationships with parents

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Relationships with parents

Parents have a great position in Islam because of their significant role and effort to raise "good" children. Allah has ordered Muslims to respectfully obey their parents. He said in chapter fifteen of the Holy Quran (which means):” Thy Lord hath decreed, that ye worship non save him, and (that ye show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with thee, say not “Fie“ unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word.”

Since Islam appreciates the essential role of mothers starting from pregnancy, it puts them in a higher rank than fathers. One day, a man asked the prophet (PBUH) about who deserved his companionship. The prophet answered: “your mother.” The man asked: “who then?" He said: “your mother.” The man asked again:” who then?" He said: “your mother." The fourth time the man asked the same question; the prophet said: “your father.”

From the Holy Quran and the saying of the prophet (PBUH) we can infer that Islam asks us to obey our parents and deal with them in a respectful manner. When we speak, our voice shouldn‘t be louder than theirs. We shouldn’t show any sign of boredom or frustration when they ask us to do something for them. We ought to visit them a lot and not let them feel they lack something. Moreover, we should be frank with them and let them know our last news in life. If somebody hurts them, we must defend them, regardless how close that person would be to us.

These are some Islamic instructions to deal with parents as a way of expressing our gratitude towards what they have done for us. Frankly, their efforts towards us are precious and priceless.

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