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The Markaz wil be reopened on Saturday 4th Jul 2020 for all prayers InshaaLLah

Suspension of Congregational Gathering

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According to the UK government, medical, Muslim Council of Britain and scholarly guidance on coronavirus, Markaz Imam Jabir Bin Zayd is temporarily suspending all congregational gathering including 5 daily prayers and Jumu'ah prayer from today Wednesday 18 Mar 2020 after Asr prayer until further notice inshaaLLah.
This is a decision taken to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus in the UK.

Despite the Temporary Suspension, you can still donate

Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK
A/C #: 60743240
S/CODE: 20-53-04

Ref: sadaqa
Ref: masjidfund
Ref: orphans
Ref: Iftarsaim

JazaakumuLLahu khayran
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