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Imam (Minister of religion) - Ibadhi School Of Thought

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Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK is seeking to appoint an Imam to take responsibility in religious, community and educational affairs of the Centre, and to provide spiritual guidance to the follower of Ibadhi School of thought and other Muslim community in London Borough of Barking & Dagenham.
The ideal candidate will be required to raise the profile of both the Centre and Ibadhi’s Muslim communities and other background served by this Organization.
He will also be required to observe tolerance towards members of other schools of thought and religious faith and assist in the religious and general education of Ibadhi Muslims and other members of the public.
The Imam will be an active member of the Board and act as a spiritual guide and representative of the congregation.
Working together with the Board of Trustees, the right candidate will show maturity, patience and a commitment to the overall objectives of Ahlulistiqamah Trust.
The post offered is subject to satisfactory enhanced DBS clearance and references.
Candidates must have the knowledge of Ibadhi Islamic Jurisprudent, Hadith and memorised the Qur’an wholly or partially and can recite it per the rules of recitation and be willing to teach in adult classes and young students.
Must be of ethical conduct and able to communicate in Arabic and English.
Must be flexible and have a positive attitude towards members of different races and schools of thought.
Role Purpose
•          Provide Islamic religious guidance, practices, and leadership to the Ibadhi Muslim community at Imam Jabir Bin Zaid Islamic Centre Barking following the teachings of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him).
•          Establish and promote educational and extracurricular programs for adults and youth
•          Lead the establishment of a unified Muslim community, fostering unity and a sense of inclusion among all community members from all backgrounds and cultures.
Responsibilities and Duties:
•          Lead daily prayers.
•          Give the Khutbah and lead prayer for Jumu’ah and Eid Prayers.
•          Provide funeral services and guidance.
•          Conduct matrimonial services.
•          Maintain regular and convenient office hours at the Centre for community members to seek religious counsel and advice.
•          Offer Islamic family and youth counselling and guidance as needed.
•          Teach Hadith from Musnad Imam Rabii’ and other hadith books, Seerah and Ibadhi Fiqh, and other Islamic topics to increase knowledge and enhance the spiritual growth of community members.
•          Teach Quran translation.
•          Teach the Arabic Language
•          Participate in the community activities that further good interfaith and public relations for Islam and Muslims.
•          Develop and implement educational and extracurricular programs for both youth and adults.
•          Develop annual plans for religious and educational programs for the Centre.
•          Lead by example to prevent discrimination on any basis including but not limited to the school of thought, gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, citizenship, political affiliation, or economic status.
•          Welcome and host a broad range of groups that visit the mosque to learn about Islam and Ibadhi Muslim community when and as needed.
•          Design and manage educational and social programs for New Reverts (Converts).
•          Conduct oneself in a manner that is respectful of the history and diversity of the Muslim community.
•          Interact with all persons and organisations, Muslim and Non-Muslim, in a way that reflects positively on the Centre.
•          Provide consultation to the Board on religious matters, community issues, and Centre activities as requested.
•          Other duties as assigned by lead Trustee or chairman.
Person Specification/Requirements 
•          A bachelor degree or higher in Islamic Studies or related field from an accredited educational institution.
•          Fluency in English and Arabic (spoken and written).
•          Comprehensive knowledge of Islamic Shariah (Ibadhi Jurisprudence) and must be familiar with various schools of fiqh and have an awareness of the heritage of different Muslim cultures and background.
•          Previous experience as an Imam is required.
•          Basic Computing/IT skills, i.e. use of MS & Outlook email, photocopying & printing, extra.
•          Two written character references from teachers or other Islamic scholars is a requirement.
Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK aims to set the highest standards and thrives through the ‘added value’ brought by employees and volunteers.
The Imam will work flexibly and undertake other duties agreed with Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK committee.
The Imam will support the fundraising initiatives of Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK.
Hours and Days of Work:
Employment is on a full-time basis. Monday – Sunday. Due to the nature of the role working evenings and weekends will be required sometimes throughout the year to ensure continued operations of the organisation and coverage of all religious programs such as five daily prayers. Regular working hours will be agreed with Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK committee, and They will vary throughout the year as the prayer times change.
The Job description is subject to annual review and alterations may be negotiated to reflect the changing needs of the Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK
All employees required as a condition of service to comply with Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK policies.
Interested applicants should collect a Form at the Imam Jabir bin Zayd Islamic Centre 11-13 Broadway, Barking, G11 7LS. Or ask to be emailed. Filled application form should then be returned along with an updated CV including relevant employment and educational background, in addition to contact details of two references to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
For more information, please call our General Secretary on 02085077981
One month until 15h of April 2020.
We will not accept job applications after the 16th of April 2020

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