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Suspension of Congregational Gathering

According to the UK government, medical, Muslim Council of Britain and scholarly guidance on coronavirus, Markaz Imam Jabir Bin Zayd is temporarily suspending all congregational gathering Read more ...



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Dr Kahlan Al Kharousi


Sheikh Saif Al Haadi asked Dr Kahlan Al Kharousi: Honourable Sheikh, we come back to discuss this topic again in relation to the EID and we might need this question as a message from you to the Muslim world which is going through a phase of continuous conflict, which also depriving many families and children of happiness.

The Holy Qur'an - A Treasure of Rare Scientific Data

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Author: H.E. Sheikh Ahmad ibn Hamad Al-Khalili
Translator: ?Mohammed S. Al-Busaidy
The Holy Qur'an is a path to guidance, a Call to Wisdom and a code of life. It has not been revealed by the Almighty Allah to discuss the delicacies of medical science, astronomy or other spheres of knowledge.

The Greatness of Islam

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 Islam is a religion that has spread rapidly since its emergence fourteen centuries ago. Doubtlessly, this is due to its well-established rules that made millions of people be accepting Islam as a way of life. Let's examine closely some of those rules and instructions to see how great Islam is.

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