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Umrah trip March 2016

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Assalaamu alaykum
Ahlulistiqamah Trust UK is organising Umrah trip for youths aged between13 and 19 in the month of March 2016 during the School holidays for about ten days.
Scheduled to take upto 15 children.
Each child costs £ 810.
For the parents who wish their children to join this trip will have to make the first payment of £ 210 immediately and £200 thereafter each month and should complete the payment by Feb 2016. The parents can also pay full payments or divide it into 2 instalments i.e £ 410 then £ 400 before March 2016.
Parents whose children wish to be part of this great educational trip may contact the following people:
▪Ust Ali Nassor 07947597264
▪Ust Saleh Albahry 07740 000923
▪Alakh Feisal King 07940710972
▪Ust Sabri Alabri 07475394853
Also through whatsapp on 07404308610.
There will be training sessions for the umrah group to be taking place on Saturdays commencing the last week of November this year until the week before the departure day InshaaLLah. The training will be conducted at the Jabir bin Zayd Islamic Centre.
Many thanks
Ahlul Istiqamah
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