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Ramadhan Announcement 1439/2018

The Jabir bin Zayd Islamic Centre is pleased to announce that 1stRamadan 1439 will be on Thursday 17th May 2018

Arabic Course

Arabic Course

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This course aims to take you from someone who has done next to no Arabic to someone that can confidently express what you have done in the previous week, speak about your daily routine, and begin to have discussions on the world around you.

We aim to have you speaking Modern Standard Arabic as quickly as possible through a mixture of different teaching techniques. These techniques range from being asked to make sentences in class, to weekly homework, to correcting each other’s work for grammatical errors.

This course assumes you have very little knowledge of the Arabic language. Commitment is the only requirement.

Course objectives:

* To give the student a solid understanding of the structure of the Arabic language and its grammar.

* To provide a solid foundation in biography-related vocabulary

* For the students to be confident in being able to master the Arabic language.

During this course, the students will expect to cover the following:

* The past, present and future tense

* Weak verbs (both hollow and defective verbs)

* Arabic verb forms

* Indicative and subjunctive moods

* Equational sentences (A is B)

* Effective use of case endings

* Declension for nouns, pronouns and particles

* Numbers (both cardinal and ordinal)

* The Idafa

* Days of the week, months and other time words

* Plurals and how to use the Arabic dual

* Effective use of the Masdar (the gerund).

* Using morphology to discern meaning from words they’ve never seen before

* Proper use of the “if” clause

* Words pertaining to biographical information, family, friends, life in the city, working life, studies and plans for the future.

* Idiomatic expressions that Arabs use in every day conversations

By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

* Listen to short clips of Arabic and understand what is being discussed

* Respond to visual cues and produce sentences in a quick and efficient way

* Understand question words and be able to respond

* Read signs, instructional texts and standardized messages

* Read a text on their own when vocabulary has been learnt

* Translate two clauses sentences into Arabic from English

* Write biographical short texts about family, hobbies and likes and dislikes

* Talk about themselves in a sustained way

* Correct their own grammatical mistakes

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